Change standards. Dance. Be inspired. Move. 

Bergwerk is a symbiotic solution for women desiring luxury clothing that pays respect to our environment.

Playful, soft, and seductive, each piece is unique, rebellious and fun.



Using beautiful and oddly shaped remnants cast away by the fashion industry, each design is strategically constructed from single pieces of fabric with no extra cutting, and therefore no extra waste. Bergwerk approaches each exclusive rescued piece of fabric with a fresh purpose to best complement the female form and movement through sophisticated stitching and avant garde layering. The results are elegant, futuristic, wearable pieces.

“I am inspired by the city and what it produces, and through care and attention each single piece of fabric always transforms into something beautiful -- like magic! It is powerful to not only feel confident and attractive in my designs, but to also know that what you are wearing has a positive history for a positive future.”- Gertrude Berg

The Story


BergWerk was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2013 by Gertrude Berg.

Gertrude was raised in a small town in Austria surrounded by mountains and received her arts degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA in 2003. Her studies focused on Performance Art, Installation and Sculpture with an emphasis on "risk taking", "the surprising gift of receiving", and a conscious choice to reuse materials already in circulation.

Following her graduation from SMFA, Gertrude moved to New York City where she launched her brand BergWerk. The name "BergWerk" is of German origin, reflecting her Family past, and the way she mines materials from factories in NYC.